Recently I have moved completely from Windows 7 to Windows 8 as my OS.

There are some things which I really liked about this OS . First is it’s tiles UI – the Metro style . It’s an elegant interface and different from what each one of us have been using till date but at the same time looks confusing to many people as well which is why the rumors are that Microsoft will revert its design even further, adding more options to run Windows 8 far more like a traditional Windows machine –  with a full Start Menu and Metro apps that happily run on an old school like desktop machine which everyone is used to.

Secondly Log-in and boot times look pretty fast as compared to what they were in my earlier Win 7 OS. Navigation in Windows 8 is through the Charms bar, which has no true analog in Windows 7. It’s the navigation bar that lives at the right edge of the screen that intertwines OS navigation with OS functionality.

When first time Windows 8 came in – I had read news about it that it took plenty of time to people to find out where the ‘Start’ button is 😛 maybe obvious as the Start button had been part of Windows since 1995 .

I recently read an article about Windows 8 somewhere stating as to why don’t people like it –

‘WITH METRO, MICROSOFT MADE INCREDIBLE ART AND BAD DESIGN. People care about speed, efficiency, clarity, and delight. But a phone interface matching a laptop interface is about as important as socks matching underwear. It’s nice, but on most days, probably the last priority on mind.’

But I  think that the new operating system applies the lessons of mobile to the personal computer in a way that’s absolutely innovative. So it’s worth seriously considering the upgrade, especially from older systems, but as said  it’s not yet the one operating system (to rule them all) that Microsoft wants it to be 🙂


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One comment on “Windows 8 OS experience

  • Yes. You are true. Microsoft taken the OS User Interface into the next level. When i felt XP UI is the next level of OS at the time release, the same thinking came to my mind when i was seen the Metro UI at first time. I am using Win 8.1 and it is great upgrade from Win 8. Whoever not liked the Win 8, they will definitely say Win 8.1 is looks good. When we have all the devices with touch screen in future, at that time people will be realize the truth who are saying the Win 8 is not good.

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