So, I have been attending vodQA (value oriented discussions for Quality Analysts) event at ThoughtWorks for a while now. vodQA has been an interactive platform over the years for QA Engineers to gather together and share knowledge through networking.

I got lucky enough this time to be part of the first-ever edition of vodQA-shots, which is a smaller version of vodQA (not as an attendee this time but as an organiser ;-))

IMG_8031The first edition of vodQA-shots was a three hour workshop based on the theme : ‘Automation – the Mobile way’.  We focused on Mobile Automation using Appium, which is an open-source cross-platform tool for automating native, mobile web and hybrid applications.

It was nice to see a good amount of participation and people coming from different backgrounds (managers, testers, developers) attending the workshop on a Saturday morning. We started the event with a keynote speech by Hari, my fellow thoughtworker who gave a glimpse on how testing has evolved over the years and the role of mobile automation in today’s era of technology. This was followed up by a small yet concise presentation by me along with my colleague.  We had a fair amount of volunteers to help out people in the workshop. Post Haris’ talk, we started the workshop  with Android automation first covering the basics on how Appium uses Google’s UI Automator framework under the hood to get automation running for android and the parameters required to run the tests. We used wordpress app for Android covering one basic scenario and gave them few scenarios for hands-on as well. Audience was quite energetic in the way they tried running scripts on both simulator and real devices.

We parked few questions on the wall during the session coming up from the audience to take it up post workshop which required detailed explanation . The second half of the workshop was focused on iOS Automation using Appium for which we took recipes app which is provided by Apple’s UI Automation library for testing purpose. People tried hands-on with many scenarios in the app like adding, editing and deleting recipes.  After covering both Android and iOS, we took up questions from our parking lot to clear the queries which were mostly around running tests in parallel, taking screenshots of failures, appium setup on windows etc.

Overall, the workshop went quite interactive and we got some amazing feedback from the people.

Slides for reference: Mobile Automation using Appium

Looking forward to more opportunities like this  🙂




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