Got a chance to attend another amazing Android hackathon organized by Venturesity which is an online university to solve the talent crunch in areas of technology and business. The hackathon’s main idea was to ‘get the vote out’ from the people , enable people to ‘get out the voice’ and make a difference in the election… Read More

Again got a chance to go to Google office , Bangalore 🙂 Attended ‘Women Techmakers’ event which was organized for increasing visibility and resources for all the technical women in the industry. It was a one day tech talk event. The keynote speech was by Nora Denzel , Board Member of Ericsson, Saba Software and Outerwall (Past SVP… Read More

Now this time it is a big thing. We won at Google Indic Android Hackathon 2014 😀 😀 This hackathon was organized for the first time in India in Bangalore by tech giant ‘Google’ and was focused on developers and entrepreneurs joining together making apps in local languages so that we can reach out more… Read More

Recently I have moved completely from Windows 7 to Windows 8 as my OS. There are some things which I really liked about this OS . First is it’s tiles UI – the Metro style . It’s an elegant interface and different from what each one of us have been using till date but at… Read More

This time I started with a new tool which I had heard about earlier but didn’t start working on it. Earlier I had worked for some time on UI Automation Library using Instruments tool for iOS automation. Appium – an open source, cross-platform test automation tool which can be used for native, hybrid and mobile web apps.… Read More

I have this hobby of reading and collecting quotes from everywhere whatever I find gripping, enthralling and thought-provoking. Today I want to share some of my quotes assemblage which I have been collecting for a long time now. There you go : You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take !! Don’t dream about… Read More

Currently as a QA Engineer , I have been spending most of the time at work writing automation scripts for Android apps rather than manual testing. I have already written automation scripts for three android mobile apps for my company. I never really thought that this would be easy . Google has provided a tool… Read More