Now this time it is a big thing. We won at Google Indic Android Hackathon 2014 ūüėÄ ūüėÄ

This hackathon was organized for the first time in India in Bangalore by tech giant ‘Google’ and was focused on developers and entrepreneurs joining together making apps in local languages so that we can reach out more people who prefer using apps in their own native languages say for example Hindi , Marathi , ¬†or Tamil ¬†. They said in event that ‘Market is bigger than you think’ and ‘Only 15% of Indians are comfortable with English’. It was two-days event and ¬†was supported by Nasscom 10,000 startup’s program.

On the first day of hackathon , there were presentations and ideas by veterans from the industry who took initiative and made products based on Indian languages concept.

BG Mahesh ,¬†Founder & Managing Director, Greynium Information Technologies Pvt. Ltd. ( described his Indic journey and¬†spoke about the challenges they faced when started building on this idea and¬†also that it is difficult to get funds to run projects based on Indian languages.¬†Vishal Anand and Amit Kankani from Newshunt ¬†discussed –¬†10 things they learnt while building vernacular apps and how they brought up this newspaper app which brings news from 80+ regional newspapers in 11 languages and is used daily by millions of users around the world.¬†There were also presentations by Sunil Rao, Developer Relations Team, Google and¬†Arvind Pani,Co-Founder & Director at Reverie Language¬†Technologies and about AdMob ¬†and discussion about monetization Opportunity with apps in India¬†by Kanan Rai from Google.

Hackathon started around 5pm in evening on Day1 and continued overnight, until 5PM on Day2! Рso we were given 24 hours to either come up with some new idea or to chose any idea which were provided there by some companies such as NDTV , Sampada etc. as their requirement and build an app.

There were many teams at the event Р team from IIT Bombay , Aakash team to name some.

Me along with my team built an app named ‘Empower India’ which was based on focusing women empowerment and could be used to take survey from rural areas and ask them to volunteer for women self empowerment programs. We used Google App Engine at backend.¬†Google App Engine is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) offering that lets us build and run applications on Google‚Äôs infrastructure.

Three main things about our app was :

[1] For translation – we used Google translation API. For transliteration – we used Yahoo transliteration API and also API provided to us by Reverie organization for transliteration at event.

[2] Data validation was an important part of this application.

[3] Before we start taking data for survey – the translation and transliteration is done at that time only. When you take survey and you are filling details – this all can be done offline and when the survey is complete and we need to submit the form to server – that will be online again. So it was online-offline-online.

It was an awesome experience – we didn’t sleep even for a minute.¬†At the time of results –¬†we were not expecting to win but we did .

Waiting to grab more opportunities like these and add them to the list of memorable events ūüôā



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