Got a chance to attend another amazing Android hackathon organized by Venturesity which is an online university to solve the talent crunch in areas of technology and business. The hackathon’s main idea was to ‘get the vote out’ from the people , enable people to ‘get out the voice’ and make a difference in the election schema in India so it was ‘Hacking for Democracy’!! The venue was Microsoft R&D Office , Bangalore.

It was a two-day event and we were given 24 hours to come out with an app which could help us engage more people in voting for elections in a world where we have easy access to technology. Guest speakers included Neemtec Solutions CEO , Knowlarity and PG Bhat who explained in detail the importance of electoral roll management in India.

The coding session began after all this.My team consisted of 4 members. Accel partners CTO , Vasan Subramanian graced the event by joining our team. We came up with an idea to built an app which encourages people participation in voting through crowdsourcing.  Crowd sourcing combines the efforts of numerous self-identified volunteers where each contributor of their own initiative adds a small portion to the greater result.

So our app works like this – a person standing in a long queue to vote at a polling booth can open our app and mention the average crowd count at that booth and also can share that information on social networking sites such as Facebook , Twitter . Then a person sitting at their home can open our app and based on their location – we show them their nearby polling booths. They can choose their polling booth and check what is the crowd count at that center and then come out and vote when the queue in the polling booths is less. The data is updated every 30 min and notifications are also send out for the same. We named our app accordingly as ‘Vote Now’ . It is based on encouraging people who are voting already and also people who are sitting at home and avoiding to vote because of the long queues at polling centers. Also we added an option to take survey where we ask users questions which reflects their opinions about their political parties , give them points based on their answers and show a plot at the end reflecting how much they are satisfied with their party.

It was an awesome experience and the participation was totally worth it.Though we didn’t win – but they awarded all the women with a token who came for the hackathon to encourage them to attend more events like these. Looking forward to more opportunities like this.

Our app source code can be found here. Also attaching some screenshots of our app.

Screenshot_2014-03-30-14-33-18[1]Screenshot_2014-03-30-14-34-21[1]Screenshot_2014-03-30-14-34-36[1]Screenshot_2014-03-30-14-34-45[1]Screenshot_2014-03-30-14-35-06[1]  Screenshot_2014-03-30-14-35-15[1]Screenshot_2014-03-30-14-36-21[1]Screenshot_2014-03-31-13-54-53[1] 

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