So here we are, completed yet another edition of vodQA (value oriented discussions for Quality Analysts) event at ThoughtWorks Bangalore 2016 which has always served as a platform for all testing evangelists to  join, network and exchange their ideas and learnings among each other. With the theme: ‘Get High on Testing’, covering talks on some trending topics from the testing world:… Read More

I have been going through some stuff lately on Artificial Intelligence (AI) for my project in MTech, as part of which, template/pattern matching is one of the few things I studied and it’s  implementation using OpenCV (Open Source Computer Vision).     Artificial Intelligence and the Turing Test Starting with a brief introduction about Artificial Intelligence and it’s origin:… Read More

So, I have been attending vodQA (value oriented discussions for Quality Analysts) event at ThoughtWorks for a while now. vodQA has been an interactive platform over the years for QA Engineers to gather together and share knowledge through networking. I got lucky enough this time to be part of the first-ever edition of vodQA-shots, which is a smaller version… Read More

Women Techmakers is an initiative taken by Google to help in empowering women to pursue their dreams, assist them in career development and also personal growth. This years event’s start was graced by keynote speech by Shibani Sanan, Engineering Director, Google. She enlightened us with her amazing journey on how she grew up from a Software Engineer… Read More

So here I am – back with a new post and full of energy and ready to share my knowledge in Appium – this time on a different OS and an environment platform- Android Automation in Windows!! Before we begin learning anything new here , let’s retouch some concepts of Appium which makes it a popular cross-platform test… Read More

TestNG is a testing framework inspired from JUnit and NUnit covering a wider range of test categories: unit, functional, end-to-end, integration, etc., with more powerful and easy-to-use functionalities. It is an open source automated testing framework; where NG of TestNG means ‘Next Generation’. TestNG’s main features include: Annotation support. Support for parameterized and data-driven testing… Read More

Got a chance to attend another amazing Android hackathon organized by Venturesity which is an online university to solve the talent crunch in areas of technology and business. The hackathon’s main idea was to ‘get the vote out’ from the people , enable people to ‘get out the voice’ and make a difference in the election… Read More